Payroll Complete History Extract Payroll Info from Monthly Wages
Mass Data Capture Setting up Payroll earning and deduction rules
Payslip Messages
  • Payslips for wages, fortnightly and salaried staff
  • Positive or negative payroll processing
  • Only changes need to be processed
  • Multiple payroll and/or companies
  • Duplicate ID numbers checked to prevent fraud
  • Automated SARS reconciliation
  • Statutorily compliant
  • Complies with all statutory requirements
  • Process until perfect without having to back up and restore
  • Capable of automating all repetitive payroll processing
  • General Ledger extracts to accounting systems
  • Designed by Payroll Administrators for Payroll Administrators.

Payroll Features

  • On screen dynamic payslips
  • Tax and leave calculation diagnostics
  • Flexible single or multi-user, LAN or WAN application
  • Unlimited calculations (parameters and variables)
  • Automated tax compensation (Gross Up)
  • Loans and savings - automated balance clearing, interest calculations and history
  • Unlimited User Defined fields
  • User Defined reminders via e-mail, SMS or pop up
  • 17 African tax countries already available
  • Employment documentation automated using Microsoft Office merge functionality
  • Quick click Excel extract for ad-hoc reporting

Payroll Benefits

  • Security and Auditing
  • On-line processing enabled
  • Electronic payslip distribution options
  • Transaction or batch processing options
  • Backed by advice on payroll best practice
  • Automated extracts to Microsoft Excel
  • Temporary override on deductions
  • Track and report unlimited allowances and deductions
  • Business Intelligence, Analytics & Data Mining

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