Time & Attendance

Define calendars of shifts as shift profiles and assign employees to them Specify employee specific exceptions to their shift profile calendar
Define payable times with flexible daily, weekly or specific-date rules A growing list of interfaced hardware vendors including Sagem and Suprema.
Scripting language with code-completion gives you even more control when calcula

Time & Attendance allows for the recording of when employees start and stop working, configuring which areas are paid and which are not. Biometric clocks prevent buddy clocking and ensure employees only get paid for the time they've worked.

Time & Attendance includes a special scripting language which allows for very specialised rules when calculating hours and how these hours should be categorised (normal, overtime, overtime x 2, or define your own variable).

Some highlights of Time & Attendance in PeopleWare include: Graphic displays, exports to many traditional formats, works across any network, WAN, LAN, 3G, GSM. System generated clockings automate employee clockings. Automated reporting. 'Drag & Drop' set up, 'Plug & Play' readers.


  • Graphic displays
  • Export into any traditional format
  • Works across any network, WAN, LAN, 3G, GSM
  • System generated clockings automate employee clockings
  • Automated reporting


  • Modern
  • One point of entry
  • 100% SARS and statutorily compliant
  • 'Drag & Drop' set up
  • 'Plug & Play' readers
  • No cabling - uses existing network